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Water Re-Use

stormwater treatment systems

Storm water run-off can be recycled for beneficial purposes such as agricultural and landscape irrigation, industrial processes, toilet flushing, and replenishing a ground water basin (or ground water recharge). For facilities that wish to recycle, or re-use, their storm water run-off, Storm Water Systems offers its StormPROOF™ Re-Use System, which includes the following key features:

  • Portability and easy maintenance
  • Solids removal from 5 to 200 microns
  • Customizable materials for any application
  • Price includes ten (10) flocculant socks and ten (10) oil pillows

Upgrades available for more aggressive removal of pollutants, including the following:

  • Upgraded pump
  • Carbon media vessel
  • Metal media vessel
  • Enhanced metal vessel

As California’s leading provider of Advanced BMPs for storm water management and compliance, we can help you write your legally required action plan, then implement it.