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The Industrial General Permit (IGP) has introduced stricter levels of enforcement and new regulations that make it impossible to avoid the consequences of storm water NAL exceedances based on required sample results. Many industrial companies are already in Level 1 Status or are due to be designated Level 2 during the next storm water year, due to storm water exceedances. This year’s rain season could easily push many more facilities into Level 2 Status, exposing them to harsh new permit violation consequences, potential lawsuits and Water Board penalties. Implementing a StormPROOF™ Treatment System NOW will prevent your facility from facing the harsh consequences of the new compliance landscape in California.

Remaining at Baseline

If your facility has recently been designated as Level 1 Status due to an Annual Average or Instantaneous Maximum NAL exceedance, Storm Water Systems (SWS) has a solution to help return your facility to baseline.

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Level 1

Level 1 Status requires an Exceedance Response Action (ERA) Evaluation be conducted by a QISP by October 1st and Level 1 ERA Report to be prepared by a QISP and uploaded to the Stormwater Multi Application & Report Tracking System (SMARTS) Database by January 1st.

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Level 2

The Regional Water Board requires all Level 2 sites to install Advanced BMPs. If Advanced BMPs are not implemented the Water Board has the right to impose significant monetary penalties. Criminal penalties can also be imposed on violators.

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Technical Reports

The requirements within the Level 2 Exceedance Response Action (ERA) regulations include several options concerning which type of technical report to submit.

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