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Case Study: Waste-Transfer Facility

stormwater treatment systems

Returning a Northern California Waste Transfer Yard Back to Baseline

Dealing with solid waste transfer can be among the most severe challenges in storm water compliance due to the typically high amounts of TSS (total suspended solids), oil and grease, iron, and COD (chemical oxygen demand) in the run‑off. The organic decomposing solids in these locations can be sticky and slimy, and cast off strong odor.

From a storm water management standpoint, these solids frequently “gum up” filters in a treatment system requiring frequent cleaning. Furthermore, decomposing materials trigger higher levels of iron, which require additional, different media to prevent exceedances.

One of Storm Water Systems’ clients, a Northern California waste transfer yard, was coping with all of these issues with its storm water compliance. Its facility was Level 1 status, and the customer wanted to accomplish two primary goals: return to baseline status and enable its own staff to largely perform the in‑rain maintenance of the treatment system.

Enter our StormPROOF™ Treatment System and our team of experienced trainers. Through our modular system that can be customized to meet any customer’s demanding storm water compliance needs, we installed a treatment solution that included processes for aeration and oxidizers to address the TSS, oil and grease, iron, and COD levels.

stormwater treatment systems

In year one, Storm Water Systems managed the treatment, working alongside the transfer yard’s staff to train them in day-to-day maintenance and troubleshooting skills. By year two, the facility’s sample results showed 90.4 percent reduction in TSS, 70.6 percent in COD, 81.3 percent in iron, and 19.6 reduction in oil and grease, all well below NAL exceedance levels.

Most important, these results enabled the transfer yard to return to baseline status, and now the onsite staff is properly trained for in-rain maintenance, while Storm Water Systems continues to manage the long-range maintenance.

As California’s leading provider of Advanced BMPs for storm water management and compliance, we can help you write your legally required action plan, then implement it.