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Storm Water Systems implements our StormPROOF™ Treatment System across a wide range of industries to address a variety of challenges that our customers face in their storm water compliance. Each of them cope with their own unique mix of TSS (total suspended solids), oil and grease, COD (chemical oxygen demand), and various metals that require a customized solution to address their NAL exceedances.

Our StormPROOF™ Treatment System offers scalable, modular Best Available Technology (BAT) that “future proofs” your treatment as your facility grows, new pollutants of concern arise, or more restrictive limits are released, meaning your investment is safe. Our patented, proven system is designed for unlimited water volumes and can be expanded to handle any flow capacity.

Beyond treatment, Storm Water Systems is the only storm water treatment provider that can implement all four advanced BMP options for Level 2 ERAs – treatment, infiltration, shelter, or retention pond – giving you the utmost flexibility for your facility.

The following case studies demonstrate the success of our StormPROOF™ Treatment System in the follow applications:

• Boatyards
• Recycling Facilities
• Waste Transfer Yards

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