Storm Water System’s leadership team brings decades of industry experience to solve your specific compliance needs.

Gasper Guarrasi, CEO
Gasper is the CEO of Storm Water Systems and has founded several companies and transformed them into multi-million dollar entities in the last 20 years. His business instincts, vision, and technical expertise make him an ideal leader at the helm of an environmental solutions company making a difference in the world through pure ingenuity and the desire to improve the lives of both customers and the general public.

Terry Balog, Founder and President/Project Manager (CPSWQ, QSP/QSD, ToR #00008)
Terry is the Founder and President of Storm Water Systems and has his Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Resources from California University of Pennsylvania. His expertise is in all aspects of storm water permitting, monitoring, and treatment systems. Terry’s storm water experience is as diverse and extensive as currently exists in the profession.

Tim Nelligan, Chief Engineering Officer (PE)
Tim is the Chief Engineering Officer of Storm Water Systems and is responsible for all Engineering Services. He has a degree in Environmental and Civil Engineering from California Polytechnic State University – San Luis Obispo. He has two decades of experience as a Civil Engineer, as well as deep expertise in soil and ground water remediation, and design and installation of bioswales, sediment basins and infiltration ponds.

Patrick Bolton, Director of Engineering
Patrick is a graduate of Virginia Tech with a degree in chemical engineering. He performs high-level consulting related to BMPs, storm water treatment, site inspections, the design and implementation of treatment systems, general consulting, and special projects.

As California’s leading provider of Advanced BMPs for storm water management and compliance, we can help you write your legally required action plan, then implement it.