Downspout Filters

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Downspout Filters

downspout filter metalproof media replacement
  • 30 gallon to 275 gallon Downspout Filters Price Range: $500 to $3.5k
  • MetalPROOF Media Replacement: $350 to $3k
  • MetalPROOFplus Media Replacement: $500 to $4.5k
  • Install $360-$700 plus shipping

Fastener Manufacturer – Torrance

Parameter Inlet (mg/L) Outlet (mg/L) % Removal
Zinc 10.5 1.84 82.5%


Automotive Research Facility – Placentia

Parameter Inlet (mg/L) Outlet (mg/L) % Removal
Zinc 7.22 1.64 77.3%

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