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Understanding BMPs

The current Industrial General Permit (IGP) requires permit holders to implement minimum Basic BMPs to address potential pollutants in storm water runoff. Minimum Basic BMPs include a variety of maintenance procedures management practices, and products to prevent or reduce the discharge of pollutants.

Depending on how far above the Numeric Action Level (NAL) your sample results may be, different types of BMPs may be dictated to improve sample results, allowing your facility to return to Baseline. Basic BMPs typically reduce NAL Exceedances by approximately 30%, while Intermediate BMPs often attain 60% reductions in NAL sample results. An Advanced BMP, such as StormPROOF Treatment, is guaranteed to reduce NAL Exceedances by as much as 90 or more percent.

Level 2 Requirements include mandatory Advanced BMPs. This means facilities will be in a position where they may be forced to implement Treatment, Containment or Sheltering BMPs. While Containment and Sheltering are not always practical or possible depending on space and industrial limitations, Treatment is always a viable solution. StormPROOF Storm Water Treatment Systems guarantee to lower sample results, making it possible to return your facility to Baseline.

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