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Basic BMPs

Best Management Practices (BMPs) are actions or products that can be put into place by industrial companies to reduce their pollutants. As part of being permitted under the IGP, facilities must create a Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) that shows a map of the facility, the sample points and a list of BMPs that should be used to reduce pollutants. The most popular BMPs we sell are wattles, flocculant socks and metal media socks.

stormwater treatment systems

StormPROOF™ Kits are designed and customized by our engineers and manufactured for your facility to clean up its identified exceedances.

They guarantee effectiveness proven by data formulated over two decades of industry experience.

Innovative design allows for mobility, storage, and easy set up and break down before, during and after rain events.

What are Basic BMPs?

  • Wattles – Sediment removal
  • Metal Socks – Dissolved metals removal
  • Flocculant Socks – Sediment removal, oil encapsulation, solids clump and settle
  • Oil Booms and Pillows – Oil removal
  • Drain Filters – Sediment removal and debris control
  • Metal Removing Catch Basin Filter – Dissolved metals removal

BMP Deployment and Water Flow Diagram #1

BMP Deployment and Water Flow Diagram #2

Industrial Wattle
Sediment removal and oil absorption.
10’ – $99 10 Pack – $850

Oil Sheen Sock
Oil sheen removal
4’ – $40

Screen Wattle
Solids removal
7’ Length x 10” High – $29

Metal Sock
Dissolved metal removal (especially Zinc, Copper and Lead)
4’ – $40

Flocculant Sock
Metal removal, sediment removal, oil encapsulation, causes small particles to stick together.
2’ – $38

Screen Wattle With Anchor
(Hard Surface guard)
Solids removal
7’ Length x 5” High – $39

Oil Solidifying Booms and Pillows
Oil removal, non-hazardous waste, spill berm, expands to indicate replacement.
Boom – 5’ – $129, 10’ – $249
Pillow – 12”x12” – $46

Industrial Drain Filter
Sediment removal
3×4’ – $58, 5’x5’ – $69

Rain Barrel Polisher
(Standard Downspout Size Only)
Solids, metal removal from roof
2×3 and 3×4 – $495

Oil Absorbent Mat
Drip and leak control, top material absorbs oil drips, slip resistant and oil impenetrable bottom layer.
3×5’ – $20, 3×50’ roll – $199, 3×100’ roll – $399

Plastic Inlet Filter
Sediment and debris control, above ground drain protection, reduces construction sedimentation, traffic resistance.
36”x36” $99, 42”x28” $99, 48”x36” $129, 48”x48” $149
*Other plastic Inlet Filter Sizes Available.

Metal Removing Catch Basin Filter with Single Element
(Dual Elements Available)
Solids, metal, oil and grease removal

As California’s leading provider of Advanced BMPs for storm water management and compliance, we can help you write your legally required action plan, then implement it.