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How does the StormPROOF Treatment System Work?

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  • Bold engineering and cutting-edge science deliver the most advanced and innovative storm water solution.
  • StormPROOF™ Advanced Treatment Systems are guaranteed to remove 90% of pollutants from storm water discharges.
  • Patented technology can be indemnified against litigation, violation and penalties.
  • Scalable, modular and affordable – the perfect fit for every industrial business with exceedances.

Storm Water Treatment: Strategies to Reduce Exceedances

The Necessary BMPs for the Job

Depending on how far above the Numeric Action Level (NAL) your sample results may be, advanced BMPs may be dictated to improve sample results. If your facility exceeds NALs by more than 30%-60%, you may need an Advanced BMP, such as StormPROOF™ Storm Water Treatment, which is guaranteed to reduce NAL Exceedances by as much as 90%.

Level 2 Requirements include mandatory Advanced BMPs. This means facilities will likely be required to implement Treatment, Containment or Sheltering BMPs. While Containment and Sheltering are not always practical or possible depending on space and industrial limitations, Treatment is always a viable solution. StormPROOF™ Storm Water Treatment Systems guarantee to lower sample results, returning your facility to Baseline.

If your facility has recently been designated as Level 1 Status due to an Annual Average or Instantaneous Maximum NAL exceedance during the recent storm water year, Storm Water Systems (SWS) has the solution.

By achieving four clean samples in a row, industrial companies can return to Baseline status and avoid the costly reporting and QISP oversight required by Level 1 or Level 2 Status. SWS specializes in assisting facilities like yours. Step one is to reduce pollutants by implementing a personalized Best Management Practices (BMP) Plan professionally engineered to move your facility out of Level 1 Status.

Our custom, individualized analysis of your site will reveal the BMPs needed to reduce exceedances and return to Baseline Status. Our Storm Water Consultants are experts in environmental compliance and will provide personal support, along with technical analysis, to ensure your facility has the resources to achieve storm water compliance.

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Storm Water Systems modular approach to Industrial Storm Water Treatment provides opportunity for incremental improvements, and data driven upgrades to equipment as needed.   Using enhanced media treatment and mechanical separation technology, this practical approach is the most cost effective way to achieve compliance with storm water regulations.

SWS StormPROOF™ Treatment Solutions Guide pdf download (file size 9.15mb)


The only cost effective SYSTEM that GUARANTEES BENCHMARKS


industrial stormwater treatment

    • “Best Available Technology”


    • Storm Water Compliance


    • Modular approach to Storm Water Treatment


    • Enhanced media treatment and mechanical separation technology


    • Proven data and numerous systems installed


    • Guarantees meeting benchmarks


    • Team of legal advisors and consultants to assist you with a clear path to compliance


    • Effective for any Water Treatment


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(Last updated August 14, 2016)